Furbish Thrift Spay+Neuter Matching Fund

One female cat can produce up to three litters each year, resulting in as many as 200 kittens during her very difficult lifetime. Each of her kittens, and their offspring, would also produce this many cats. So you can see why spaying and neutering is a vital and humane way to get feral colonies stabilized.

On Dec. 21, Furbish Thrift sponsored our first free spay+neuter day for feral cats. With your help we fixed 98 cats. Big Fix #2 was held in March for 83 cats.

It was an amazing effort by the trappers, vets, techs and volunteers and so much good was done that day.

Let’s do it again! We need your help to fix 100 cats at our next Big Fix in April.

We have arranged for up to 100 spay/neuter/basic health service appointments at Kincheloe South at the Beath Clinic in Ashland on April 11th Our Big Fix partner, City Kitty Project, will organize Richmond area TNR volunteers (that’s Trap, Neuter, Return). Furbish Thrift will provide transportation to and from the clinic in our truck.

The cost is $40 per cat. Help us help 100 cats.

Furbish Thrift will match your donations dollar for dollar. Our goal for the April Big Fix is $4,000. Any additional money raised will go toward our next Big Fix clinic!

DONATE NOW. And thanks.

How it works

The Big Fix is for rescue organizations working to Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return  (TNVR) feral community cats. If you are someone that manages a community cat colony the best way to participate in a Big Fix is by working with an established rescue organization in your area that will have traps and expertise in trapping. If you are a caretaker with your own traps, contact Kincheloe South for available appointments. All scheduling goes through the clinic.

You do not need to wait for a Big Fix! You can also contact Kincheloe South and make appointments directly. They are open Tue-Thu each week and will almost always be able to fit in a pregnant cat. The fee is $40 for a spay, rabies vaccination and ear tip. Their email is [email protected]